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Support for negative waypoint altitudes

Required for flying into a pit.

  • Martin Fuchsberger
  • Oct 27 2017
  • In development
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  • Thomas Müller commented
    21 Feb 05:35pm

    Gibt es hier irgendwelche Neuigkeiten wird das in Zukunft eingebracht oder nicht? Es sind ja jetzt schon fast zwei Jahre ins Land gegangen. 

    Vielen Dank für eine Info diesbezüglich. 

  • Guest commented
    13 Nov, 2019 05:26pm

    We the majority of our data collection in (high-)alpine terrain - this feature would be invaluable for us - please add!

  • Attila Farkas commented
    10 Jun, 2019 06:54am

    And also the altitude of the POI should be possible to set to negative values...

  • Ed Cunion commented
    7 Mar, 2019 08:21pm

    Yes certainly this would be logical and more functional for most flying circumstances, being able to fly terrain following elevations below the drone take-off point, where that point may be on the top rim of a quarry or open-pit mine, or hill top. Having to find the lowest point in a survey area for take off may not be practical or convenient. 

  • Holger Riedel commented
    6 Mar, 2019 03:22pm

    Danke für die Auskunft, es wäre wirlich eine sinnvolle Erweiterung.

  • Admin
    Martin Fuchsberger commented
    6 Mar, 2019 03:07pm

    Negative altitude flight plans are not yet supported. We know that many users are asking for it. It has implications on a lot of our code -> we ask for patience here.

  • Holger Riedel commented
    2 Mar, 2019 07:19pm

    Ist dies Funktion jetzt schon in der Basic Version möglich oder nur in der Plus Version. Ich finde dies auch sehr nützlich und würde es begrüßen, wenn es möglich wäre negative Werte einzugeben.

  • seb loiito commented
    30 Jan, 2019 05:20pm

    I can't believe this feature is not even planned in the DH's road map oO

    I use to work with DH only few time, because my job is to inspect bridge and some clifts... and most of the time I'm from the up...

    Anyway, Martin please this feature keep some of your customers away... it's a basic need for a many drone operators.

  • Michael Stott commented
    9 Jan, 2019 01:50am

    This would certainly be a useful feature for me.  I want to map walls of an open pit mine and need to be able to fly below the take-off point.  We have quite accurate DEM's so as long as the flight plan stays above the DEM I cannot see any reason why this could not be possible.

  • Douglas Klein commented
    11 Aug, 2018 06:57pm

    Want to follow terrain of a hill. Unpractical to launch from the base of the hill.

    I have the elevations on the hill - complied to KML file. But - will NOT allow me to go lower then 4 feet from the launch point - which is from the top of the hill.

    I can only image that I am not the only person who would use this feature - Any one trying to explore a canyon, Mountain side, or flying into a pit! . . .