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To be able to translate on the UTM cartesian plane, all line coordinates some arbitrary chosen distance, including zero (0.0) for Drone Harmony flight plans from decimal XY coordinates to even coordinates, or just to shift them arbitrarily using some offset for X & Y

Sometimes managers want flight plans to be spaced on even WGS84 UTM XY coordinates for N-S or E-W trending rectangular grids.

For example you make a flight plan and lets say the line coordinates for the first line UTM endpoints are 445697.63, 5091362.17 & 445697.63, 5091662.17. In this one example, you want to shift all lines relative to this first line to be evenly spaced starting with 445700.00, 5091360.00 & 445700.00, 5091660.00. The ability to shift east or west or north or south, the WGS84 UTM coordinates after making the flight plan and prior to flying.

  • Ed Cunion
  • Aug 23 2020
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