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Slider to adjust programmed flight height in real-time for top-down flights

On longer surveys the set flight height though static,  can see the UAV drift up or down over the ground surface, due to the UAV GPS drifting. The real-time slider height adjustment would help maintain a constant flying height above the ground surface.

  • Ed Cunion
  • Dec 20 2019
  • Will not implement
  • Jul 3, 2020

    Admin response

    DJI does not allow for real-time adjustments to waypoint missions. Currently the only way to change a mission is to pause it (drone hovers), change it (adjust altitude by relative delta of the mission) and reupload/resume the changed mission.

    But you can use terrain elevation data to plan a terrain aware flight that keeps constant ground distance using our terrain planning functionality in DH web at

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  • Ed Cunion commented
    03 Jul 12:36

    Dear DH,

    Ok thank you for the advice, understood about the DJI restrictions for
    waypoint flights.

    This was requested as standard DJI drone GNSS positioning can drift a few
    meters +/- on the WGS84 Z coordinate during longer missions or across
    different days, regardless if the terrain following imported surface is
    sub-metre accuracy.

    Using the DJI RTK GNSS models should fix this.

    Thank you again for looking at the query & Regards,