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Lower photo interval for DJI drones

DJI SDK only allows 2 sec for JPEG and 5 sec for RAW on Mavic pro (and other drones), but the drone is capable of a much higher rate (provided a fast enough sd card).  JPEG quality is very bad, so RAW is preferred, and 5 sec is very limiting. 

Implementing a custom intervalometer would be very useful.

Litchi is aware of the DJI SDK limitations and have implemented a custom intervalometer, and it works very well. I tested the Mavic PRO and it has no issues with 2 sec interval for RAW.


It would be a boon for photogrammetry and also simple to implement.

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  • Oct 17 2019
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  • Jul 3, 2020

    Admin response

    Currently, the launch dialog allows you to select the photo interval (starting at 2 s). DJI SDK does not expose what the lower limit is for a current setup of camera & picture format (raw/jpg) and their documentation on this is very limited, so we allow the user to select 2s regardless of his current setup. Unfortunately, this can lead to an error during the mission upload stage later, as only then we get an error response from the DJI SDK if the time interval is valid or not.

    You can also change the interval in the camera settings in the FPV view.

    We do not plan to add a custom intervalometer since bypassing DJI SDK limitations would violate DJI developer TOS.

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  • Philippe CHEVRETE commented
    04 Jul 09:25


    I have been using DH for several years. I had a Mavic Pro Platinum and for two years I have a Mavic 2 Pro. I always shoot in Raw format,

    with an interval of two seconds without any problems.

    I take orthophotos, and depending on the flight level, we can shoot up to 8m / s without any problem with an overlap of 75/65 (necessary have goog SD card) . Only DH can optimize this speed. All the solutions under ios limit the speed and even sometimes the shooting time is at least 5s and very few applications under ios allow to shoot in raw format.