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Display calculated position of drone flight when signal is lost.

When flying a waypoint mission that travels below a treeline and signal is lost you currently just get a message stating you are disconnected.   If you programmed the drone to complete the mission upon signal loss you are left staring at the clock or anxiously waiting for signal to return with the map view or live view.  How about adding the functionality of when the drone loses signal with the remote DH switches to the map view with the programmed waypoints and shows a Red drone flying a calculated estimate of where the drone is in the mission until signal restores and the drone color changes back to to green (Red for no signal estimated flight location - and Green for life actual location. 

  • Guest
  • Jun 10 2019
  • Will not implement
  • Jul 16, 2019

    Admin response

    We do not implement this for three main reasons:

    1. We can't accurately model the flight of a drone. There is wind, drone specifications etc. that heavily influence how quickly and precisely a drone follows its flight trajectory.

    2. Even if marked as "estimated" drone position, many users would mistakenly assume this position for an accurate estimate, which in fact is completely not true (see Point 1.). We would likely get a lot of angry e-mails.

    3. Drone regulations all over the world require pilots to always be able to manually take control of the drone. Drone Harmony will not encourage flying in out of signal connection situations by providing features in this area.

    However, we do think that we have to improve the warning information when the drone signal is lost.

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