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Add more mission end action options (e.g. auto-landing)

Looking to see if its possible to program a one-way waypoint mission.  Looking to take off at point A and fly and actually land at point  B (even if point B is out of remote signal range).  Today the last waypoint can be set minimum of 4ft altitude then if no signal it either hovers or initiates a RTH.  Can an option be added to actuall land the drone rather than do a RTH (DJI Spark)?

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  • Jun 10 2019
  • Planned
  • Jul 16, 2019

    Admin response

    Currently we offer two options for the mission end action:

    1. NO_ACTION (hoovering in place)

    2. AUTO_LAND

    DJI SDK offers more options which could be added after testing, including the landing.

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  • Admin
    Martin Fuchsberger commented
    16 Jul, 2019 12:51pm

    Yes, the idea has the status planned. So we intend to provide additional mission end actions (if all or only a part of them we will evaluate later on).

    DJI's Auto-Landing procedure requires (for some drones) confirmation when the drone is close to the ground (currently this is only doable in DH by holding landing stick down for a longer time). That explains the hovering of 4ft above ground. A confirmation button in the app could be implemented as well, but also requires connection to the drone (in order to receive the callback and send the confirmation). In addition you can disable some of the landing protection in DJI go at your own risk. Explanation by DJI on the topic:

    Enables/disables landing protection. During auto-landing, the downwards facing vision sensor will check if the ground surface is flat enough for a safe landing. If it is not and landing protection is enabled, then landing will abort and need to be manually performed by the user.

    In a signal loss situation the signal loss action takes precedence over the mission end action, which explains the RTH behavior you observed.

  • Guest commented
    16 Jul, 2019 12:37pm

    When you say "DJI SDK offers more options which could be added after testing", are you saying Drone Harmony will look to possibly add those options?  I have tested the land at the last waypoint, but it just hovers 4 ft off the ground if in signal range or it initiates RTH if out of signal range.  Looking to see if DH can program to auto land at last waypoint and shut off engines whether in or out of signal range.