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Add Log File Flush Warning, Zipping, Cloud Backup

Log File Flush Warning

By default log files are currently flushed after 1 week. This can be unexpected to users. We will change this by adding a dynamically triggered dialog:

Warning: We detected that your memory space is getting low. Your old DH log files take up XX Mb of space, we recommend you to delete them. [Yes, delete my old log files]

You can also select to flush your log files automatically: [Drop down: No auto-flush, 1 week flush, ...]


By default, we will keep the log files. Once memory runs low (or the log files take up a certain treshold of space) the user will presented with the above dialog.

Log File Zipping

Zip log files to save up memory space.

Log File Cloud Backup

Sync log files to the cloud before flushing (subject to users acceptance for cloud sharing of this data)

  • Martin Fuchsberger
  • May 9 2019
  • In development
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