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Capture Manual Flight Path with cheaper Quad to be used later with more expensive Quad

What I would like to do, is fly my Mavic 2 Zoom (less expensive) quad on a complex mission, see how it went, then fly my Matrice 210 (much more expensive) quad using the previously flown flight path. The Mavic would be like a test flight system, maybe done many times, once a good path is determined, then use that path to fly the Matrice.

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  • Mar 11 2019
  • Already exists
  • Mar 19, 2019

    Admin response

    You can already:

    1. record a manually flown flight

    2. convert that flight into a mission (with smoothing, without smoothing and precise follow, ...)

    3. refly the mission automatically (with a more expensive drone)

    With the next update you can also fly a mission automatically without recording any media, which will be good to test the flight plan trajectory before actually collecting data.

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