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Use distance sensors to maintain a fixed distance from object.

Hi, I was wondering if this would be possible: Use distance sensors to maintain a fixed distance from object. We inspect a lot of buildings with our Inspire 2 and Matrice 200. We would like to have an extra option in the flight planning: to set a distance from the POI (let's say 6-7 meters) and to keep that distance during the mission at all times. Would be a perfect option for us. Especially with Cell tower inspections.

  • E.P. Beugelsdijk
  • Nov 26 2018
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  • Admin
    Martin Fuchsberger commented
    March 08, 2019 07:54

    We looked into this, Unfortunately, we can't do it currently for two main reasons:

    • The DJI obstacle sensors are not precise enough and do not work well at higher distances. In addition, DJI only offers a readout on obstacle distances if the drone has Infrared TOF sensor (many of their drones do not have that). Drones that can keep precise distances require 3D cameras or LIDAR.
    • DJI automated Waypoint missions work autonomously once uploaded to the drone. That means that the DJI flight controller executes the waypoint mission more or less autonomously as a black box system, without the option for us to interfere. We could use a different way of executing everything ourselves, but that would require us to write a complete flight controller from scratch.

    So, for now, we have to wait for a drone manufacturer with a software library that will allow us to tell their flight controller "keep at least ? meter distance from any front obstacle while following this waypoint mission".