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Orbit preferably would be a real circle

When flying an orbit in fact we are flying from waypoint to waypoint in a straight line. In recorded footage (video) this is visible and doesn't look very professional. Even when the orbit is smoothened it still can be seen. When flying manualy, keeping sticks in a fixed position and performing small corrections to keep object in focus, I can do better....

Would it be feasible programming a perfect circle instead of flying smoothened straight legs between waypoints?

  • Guest
  • Oct 23 2018
  • Mar 9, 2019

    Admin Response

    Drone Harmony works currently with missions that use a sequence of waypoints.
    Unfortunately DJI limits Drone Harmony to having a minimal distance between sequential waypoints. The "smoothened" flight between two close Waypoints is done by DJI.

    Maybe Hotpoint missions could work here. We keep this for future consideration.

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