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I want to only use data for stitching and creating maps. Including terrain awareness.

Is there any price separate for that option specific? Why I am looking here at all is the way the map can be created around obstacles etc which other program I am using is unable and seem they are not intending to upgrade their Mission Planner for such. They just have a one time flat charge for the mission planner and works flawless for what it can do. I am very happy with their program as far as consistent with no issues. 

A option that would be helpful actually very helpful is for battery swapping. The drone just travels until it stops and needs to return for swapping battery. But often this is exactly out at the other end of the field. Now there's two way traveling for nothing. IF the algorithm could be changed to having the drone start again at the take off location and go back to the last point to finish off then start a new line and continue mapping. or just find the sweet spot for lease battery wasted in traveling up and down the field.

Reroute just like a gps does while traveling. I understand in that way many programmers would hate to see the naming convention on the images taken when they need to work with individual images in sequence but for mass mapping it would be no issues wouldn't matter at all because of the gps added naming convention.

  • Karl Reimer
  • Oct 19 2018
  • Will not implement
  • Mar 8, 2019

    Admin response

    There are too many ideas wrapped into one idea tagged "pricing". This makes it hard to answer and track it.

    • Drone Harmony currently does not offer any image processing or stitching, so naturally, there is also no pricing related to that.

    • Improved and planned battery swapping is planned for the future.

    • GPS added Naming convention: I could not understand your explanation.

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