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Variación de puntos de paso (waypoints).

Poder desplazar un punto de paso (waypoint) sobre la marcha, mientras se ejecuta la misión, ya que en ocasiones, después de haber estudiado el terreno, y planificado bien la misión, se han colocado obstáculos de última hora, los cuales no estaban cuando de realizó la programación de la misión.

Google translate:

To be able to move a waypoint on the fly, while the mission is being executed, since sometimes, after having studied the terrain, and planned the mission well, last-minute obstacles have been placed, which were not there when of carried out the programming of the mission.

  • Abel Chumilla
  • Mar 29 2018
  • Will not implement
  • Mar 11, 2019

    Admin response

    DJI waypoint missions are uploaded at start and then executed autonomously by DJI's on-board flight controller. Changing the mission on the fly during execution is not possible. The current methodology (pause mission, edit & resume) is the best what we can offer.

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