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This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit DHPLANNER-I-23 Precise (GPS, laser measurements, ...) Input (for area, waypoints, pois, 3D structures ...).

Draw several obstacles belonging to the structure Merged

Importante poder dibujar obstáculos varios (de dimensiones varias) que van unidos al objeto / estructura que se quiere fotografíar (tubos, conductos, cables eléctricos, pasarelas, chimeneas, cables de tensión para estabilizar antorchas de plantas químicas, etc.) y están unidos a otro objeto / estructura / terreno, en diferentes puntos y/o alturas.

Con esto se consigue una mayor precisión en la toma de imágenes para poder realizar trabajos de fotogrametría, o tomas de cine, y una mayor seguridad para el equipo RPA's (Drone).

Google translate:
Important to draw several obstacles (of various dimensions) that are attached to the object / structure to be photographed (pipes, conduits, electrical cables, walkways, chimneys, tension cables to stabilize chemical plant torches, etc.) and are linked to another object / structure / terrain, in different points and / or heights. With this, a greater precision in the taking of images is obtained to be able to realize works of photogrammetry, or shots of cinema, and a greater security for the equipment RPA's (Drone).

  • Abel Chumilla
  • Mar 29 2018
  • Planned