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Add Web-based / desktop planner

Planning with a mouse is faster and more precise.

  • Martin Fuchsberger
  • Oct 27 2017
  • Planned
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  • Jay Lyons commented
    December 13, 2017 00:42

    It will also conserve battery power.

  • Alejandro Gallardo commented
    02 Jan 00:32

    It is very necessary!!

  • Yanis Syllignakis commented
    29 Jan 16:35

    Absolutely necessary. Makes the software ergonomic.

  • Dave B commented
    02 Feb 06:51

    I use Litchi and use that feature all the time.

  • HJ Hubers commented
    03 Feb 20:57

    Use a OTG cable. With the right usb hub you can charge and connect a keyboard and mouse or even a drawing pad simultaneously.

  • Bing Du commented
    05 Feb 13:48
    It is necessary that the WEB or PC side is more conducive to displaying and analyzing flight plans, and is more conducive to operation; Under the same task, the range is more, sometimes the 3D view and flight path of the mobile phone will not be fully displayed.
  • Bill Piedra commented
    22 Feb 23:35

    Desktop planning will be a critical feature.  I currently use Litchi and find desktop flight planning indispensible

  • Marshall Cant commented
    08 Mar 18:23

    Having desktop capability makes an app professional. IMO using a touch device (phone or tablet) with your finger is the digital equivalent of drawing with a burnt stick. A desktop version would be awesome.

  • Thomas Hoeky commented
    11 Mar 21:30

    Martin, please make it compatible with Google Earth somehow (by loading the 3d terrain and structures if available). That would make this app even better!

  • Joerg Wulfes commented
    17 Mar 19:14

    I agree, it's very necessary!!

  • jonas zhang commented
    03 Jun 01:12


  • luciano lima commented
    09 Jun 00:08

    Sim com certeza iria melhorar muito o planejamento dos voos

  • Robert Proaps commented
    14 Jun 03:04

    MAke it so you can offload from desktop to mobile.

    (Pls make it windows compatible)

  • Admin
    Martin Fuchsberger commented
    19 Jul 16:33

    The web-based planning platform is planned. Google Earth Pro compatibility as well.

    Please understand that we take some time to develop this feature, as web-based is a new architecture / code base etc. We are on it, I am exited to see this as well!

  • Heemin Yang commented
    22 Sep 14:35

    Google Earth Pro compatibility would be a game-changer.

  • Cuspis Duplex commented
    03 Oct 14:33

    Please give us the possibility to control and edit (!) the parameters of every single waypoint of a flight plan in a kind of spreadsheet that can be dealed by Excel, LibreOffice or something like that. This spreadsheet should be saved back after editing and modify the respecting flight plan.

    By these means it is easier to controll all the parameters (as speed between two waypoints, flight altitude, yaw orientation in degrees, gimbal inclination, foto parameters, start/stop of videos or fotos, drone position etc.) with one single view all over the whole flight. In addition to that it will be possible to insert parameters with own calculations (e.g. for precalculated gimbal or yaw values in order to accomplish special video arrangements).

    Sometimes single waypoints have wrong values (by own mistake) that are not observed if you only look at the flight plan on the map. Sometimes it is necessary to choose absolute correct values for special parameters which at the moment can only be done by selecting every single waypoint on the map (nice time killing game with 99 and more waypoints!). And even by this some parameters are not accessible for the user at the moment.

    For this idea you should give us a choice to show either the altitude of a waypoint (as it is at the moment) or the number of the waypoint (for a better comparison with the spreadsheet) on the map.

    Good luck for the implementation!

  • RONALD CONWAY commented
    18 Oct 16:00

    This would be nice to plan the mission in the office. Desktop planning will be a critical feature.