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Include advice at beginning/ending of photo session

Hi, I'm using the app to control my Phantom 4 Adv and I'm really happy with it. I think that It's BY FAR the best one on the market for the mapping task, despite being on beta.

I'd like to share some thoughts, hopefully to improve the app.

In my mind, the mapping task is basically composed by 3 steps:

A Take off from the ground and moving on the place where the first photo takes place

B Taking photos

C Return to home and land or hover on the home point.

The app is lacking of an indicator that shows you when the photo session has ended. You can achieve that goal in many ways:

1 put and indicator of the photo taken (57/80), so when you reach the last number you know the task has ended

2 a sound advice for the first and last photo

3 make the drone stop when it takes the last photo and ask if you want to return to home (step C)

I hope that one of those features will be implemented because right now it's not super clear when the task ends, especially if the home point is super close to the building or wires.

Thanks, I appreciate the help.


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  • Mar 10 2018
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