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"Cable mode" where the waypoints set the possible drone locations, but the yaw and throttle can be use to move along the waypoint routes with different yaw and speed. You can stop, yaw around and head back and forth.

Waypoints sets the area of interest, but cable can use to choose camera specific area.

Suppose you are looking along the rivers edge, the river can be preprogramed, and cable mode ensures you stay on the cable. But you can swing the camera around and run back and forth on the cable, 

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  • Feb 19 2018
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    Martin Fuchsberger commented
    March 06, 2019 16:14

    Speed along mission can be controlled with RC control stick or with tachometer (when in 2d map view) using the App UI. Flying backwards also possible.

    To allow for yaw control, choose the right option during the launch dialog.